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CellOPark Australia is the country's leading provider and integrator of Pay-by-Phone, Pay-by-App and Virtual Permit parking solutions for councils and campus parking providers. We leverage technologies that improve accessibility for motorists beyond just those with credit cards and smartphones.

Established in 2008, CellOPark Australia was the first company to bring an internationally renowned Pay-by-Phone system to Australia and has been working closely with state authorities to comply with local laws and regulations.
CellOPark Australia offers parking management solutions including Pay-By-Phone, Pay-by-App and Pay-by-Web payment options for on and off street parking, permit management and infringement solutions. CellOPark has made the lives of hundreds of thousands of people easier when it comes to parking. CellOPark Australia’s systems are based on the CellOPark technologies that parking operators and consumers have embraced worldwide.
CellOPark Australia is an Australian company and uses Australian providers for  hosting, billing, support and more. CellOPark is a parking system that lets you use your mobile phone, smart phone, tablet or computer to pay for parking in locations that offer payment via the CellOPark system. This makes paying for parking simple, quick and easy.
This eco-friendly system minimises the use of paper and electricity for parking.
The CellOPark system takes guesswork out of parking charges by offering per minute charging, allowing customers to pay only for the time their vehicle occupies the parking space. Simply start your parking session when you arrive, stop the parking session once you leave.
Payments for parking sessions are made automatically according to your selected payment method when you register with CellOPark.

  • If you opt to pay with a credit card or debit card, payment will be deducted monthly for all the parking sessions you have had during that month.
  • If you register with a prepaid card, the payment will be deducted from your prepaid balance at the end of each parking session.
Once you've parked, use the CellOPark app or call the system form your mobile phone.
easily park your car
Personal and family accounts
With a private account you can still register multiple family members under the one account,
No Credit Card? No Worries!
With CellOPark you can use PayPal, POLi or pre-paid scratchy cards
Business use CellOPark accounts
One account - Many vehicles! Set up a corporate account today!
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